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AI Myths Busted: Why AI Isn’t Just for Tech Giants

AI myths busted blog post for Bundle

Marketing is key to the success of any business. Seriously, don’t let anyone refer to you as the ‘colouring in crew’ or the ‘make it look pretty’ team. Without marketers, the business’s message would fall on deaf ears, and every page on the website would be a generic call to action.

Journey of a Marketer: Before & After Bundle

Journey of a marketer

It’s no secret that the life of a marketer is a tough one. Besides being a social media manager, graphic designer, award-winning blogger, and campaign guru, you also need to be a data analyst to fully understand the data that’s coming in.

Don’t Fear AI in Marketing

Don't fear AI in Marketing

As the end of 2023 draws near, the incredible rise of AI probably wasn’t on your bingo card. Regardless, its emergence as the go-to topic for heated debate on LinkedIn is unmatched.

Lead Generation vs Brand Awareness

Lead gen vs brand awareness

Are you struggling to decide between lead generation and brand awareness when marketing your business? Struggle no more as we explore the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy, helping you make an informed decision on which approach to take.

What is a Marketing Channel?

What is a marketing channel?

Marketing channels are integral to any business’s success. Think of them as avenues that your business can use to get products and services to your customers.

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