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Journey of a Marketer: Before & After Bundle

Kyle Daniels
Jan 02, 2024
Journey of a marketer

It's no secret that a marketer's life is tough.

Besides being a social media manager, graphic designer, award-winning blogger, and campaign guru, you also need to be a data analyst to fully understand the data coming in.

With new channels emerging and consumers becoming increasingly sophisticated, the modern marketer’s role has never been more demanding. Especially when data becomes the cornerstone of every decision made. Luckily, that’s where Bundle can help.

From collating your data from all your sources to translating it so you can understand what it means, Bundle is your secret weapon when it comes to unlocking the real potential of your data, but don’t take our word for it. Let’s dive into the life of a marketer before and after Bundle

Before Bundle

Imagine a time before Bundle (it shouldn’t be too hard, you’re probably living it now). You’ve likely mastered the art of plate spinning and learned to laugh off the jokes from people calling you a “colouring-in expert” while asking you to make a presentation look pretty. Let’s look at your day-to-day activities and how “easy” they are without the help of Bundle.

The Spreadsheet Saga

Here’s the morning routine for many marketers: open your laptop, access multiple platforms, extract data manually, and spend hours on end inputting this data into endless spreadsheets. Sounds tedious? That’s because it is. You didn’t get into marketing to manage a never-ending conveyor belt of spreadsheets. The time that could’ve been spent strategising was wasted juggling numbers. BORING!

The Disconnect

Marketing tools, although effective in their silos, rarely speak to each other. Piecing together a comprehensive report means navigating through numerous platforms, each with its data language, and even if you manage to gain some success, you know that an ill-timed software update could send everything crashing like a house of cards.

Missing the Forest for the Trees

With so much data from so many sources, it’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae and miss out on bigger trends. It’s great to have endless data at your fingertips, but where are the insights? At this stage, you may as well be looking at wallpaper.

Time-Consuming Reporting

It’s not just about gathering data, it’s also about how you present it. Preparing for monthly or quarterly reviews often means burning the midnight oil, trying to make sense of numbers and turning them into actionable insights. Also, god forbid anyone asks for additional information, not in the presentation! Abort mission!

After Bundle

Luckily, those days are over and with Bundle you can now step out of the dark and into the light. Forget old, antiquated systems and processes; now you can do more with less and still have plenty of time to get creative.

A Unified Liveboard

Goodbye, spreadsheets! With Bundle, all the data from various tools is displayed on a single liveboard—no more logging into multiple platforms. A glance is all it takes to get a complete business overview.

AI-Driven Insights

With the power of AI, data is no longer just numbers. It tells stories and paints pictures that bring the information to life. Bundle’s AI capabilities sift through mountains of data to deliver actionable insights, pointing out what works and what doesn’t in seconds, which means that marketers can now focus on strategies rather than numbers.

Time Saved = Strategy Perfected

What used to take hours now takes minutes. Marketers can invest their time brainstorming campaigns, studying audience behaviour, and fine-tuning their strategies for better results, instead of trying to get columns to add up.

Boosted Lead Generation

With clearer insights into what works and what doesn’t, targeting the right audience and optimising campaigns for maximum lead generation is finally a reality. No more guesswork, now you can make quick and confident decisions backed by data.

Stress-Free Reporting

Monthly reviews? A breeze. With all data streamlined and insights at the forefront, reports become more about strategies and growth trajectories and less about endless numbers. Instead of fearing left-field questions, you can embrace them due to Bundle’s ability to generate live and real-time answers.

A New Era of Marketing

There is a new era of marketing, one driven but data and fueled by AI. But without the right tools, it can become a marketer’s biggest headache. Bundle transforms this narrative. It takes away the grunt work and brings in the era of insights-driven, growth-centric marketing.

For marketers, it’s not just about data. It’s about clear insights, actionable strategies, and achieving growth milestones. And with Bundle, this journey becomes smoother, efficient, and result-driven.

For more information about how to leverage the power of our Marketing Bundle for your business, contact us today for a free demo.


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Journey of a marketer

Journey of a Marketer: Before & After Bundle

It's no secret that the life of a marketer is a tough one. Besides being a social media manager, graphic designer, award-winning blogger, and campaign guru, you also need to be a data analyst to fully understand the data that's coming in.

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