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Generate AI Powered Reports in Seconds

Consolidate all your data in one place and transform it with the power of AI driven Insights!

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Quick question…

What would you give to free up the time of your team?

This isn’t a trick question. We’re genuinely curious about this.

If we were able to cut your manual workload in half, what would that do for your business? How would you use that time?

Would you concentrate on getting more leads?
Launch a new product or service?
Focus on customer retention?
Finally spend some time on your own marketing?

Struggling with data? There's a Bundle for that

Our Bundles are designed to add value to your business and the individual departments that sit within them.

Rather than an off the shelf solution that only solves a handful of your headaches, we develop bespoke Bundles that are designed around you.

Marketing Bundle
Finance Bundle
Sales Bundle

Reporting Bundle

Marketing Agencies Bundle

HR Bundle
So, whether you’re a marketing team looking to increase engagement across your campaigns, a sales manager trying to grow your pipeline, or a finance officer looking to balance the books, we’ve got a Bundle for that.

The Power of AI,
Designed For Your Business

Imagine all your data from across your department all together in one live, interactive report.

Now, imagine that for the data across the entirety of your business. Now, just for fun, imagine data-driven AI running over the top providing invaluable insights in seconds, while machine learning automates in the background producing fully bespoke and interactive reports.

That’s the power of Bundle.

Everything is bespoke!

What impact will this have on your data’s value?

Your data is brought together and reviewed to find hidden patterns and trends. It’s like having 10 data analysts working full-time on your data to get the best out of it.

For context, there are currently around 8,000 tools designed for sales and marketing teams. That’s 8,000 different ways of collecting data. All siloed and refusing to speak to each other. 

With Bundle, we connect them all, meaning every piece of data is in one place, working for you.  


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From there, we’ll talk about your business and how Bundle can help get you where you want to be.

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Discover Powerful Insights
About Your Audience

With Bundle, you can discover truly game changing insights about your audience and customers. From whether they’re ready to buy, just looking, love your brand or feel that you’re a bit pushy!

Take the guesswork out of your approach and start having conversations that matter with your prospects.

Starburst MSP Partner of the Year!

If you’re still not convinced

Did we mention that we’re award-winning? Last year, we were named Starburst.io’s MSP Partner of the Year! 

What does that mean? We don’t know… But, if a company like Starburst thinks we’re worth giving an award to, it’s worth a call, right? 

You should Google Starburst, they’re amazing!

All of the tools that integrate with our Bundles

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