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Get More Insights From Your Data

Unlock the potential in your data and discover game changing insights in seconds!
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Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Powered by assimil8, Bundle is an AI-driven insights platform designed to take away the manual elements that take the most time.

From reporting and data visualisation to cash flow and monitoring the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns, Bundle will make you life easier.

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Crafted by assimil8: The Power Behind Bundle

Bundle stands tall because it’s backed by the experts at assimil8. With 20 years of experience in the data industry, they’ve harnessed the best of technology to create solutions that make a difference.

Struggling with data? There's a Bundle for that

Our Bundles are designed to add value to your business and the individual departments that sit within them.

Rather than an off the shelf solution that only solves a handful of your headaches, we develop bespoke Bundles that are designed around you.

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Power Made Accessible

The beauty of Bundle is its simplicity. It draws on assimil8’s deep-rooted understanding of AI and analytics, ensuring you have a robust tool that’s intuitive to use.

But it’s not just built on their expertise. They’ve collaborated with industry leaders like ThoughtSpot, Starburst, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and many others to ensure Bundle offers top-tier features and performance.

With Bundle, you’re getting a solution that’s both powerful and user-friendly. Founded on decades of data expertise and designed to integrate seamlessly into your business operations. And the cherry on top? You don’t need a data science degree to leverage its capabilities.

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