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Unleashing Your Business Potential with Comprehensive Ad Attribution

Kyle Daniels
May 30, 2023
Unlock the power of ad attribution

ARGH! Do you feel that? It’s the collective challenge and angst that businesses, marketing agencies, and media buyers face when trying to accurately understand the performance of their ad spend.

We all know the goal. It’s to maximise the return on investment (ROI) and strategically scale operations, but the question is how? Well, let us present to you a new solution, our AI-powered ad attribution reporting, designed to provide granular insights into your ad performance.

Harness the Power of AI for Strategic Ad Spending

Bundle integrates advanced data cleansing, stitching techniques, and custom attribution models to generate real-time, channel-agnostic reports. 

This amalgamation of sophisticated technology offers a lucid perspective on the marketing strategies driving the most significant impact on your business.

Gain a Holistic View of Your Marketing Funnel

Do you want a comprehensive overview of your marketing funnel? 

Bundle provides high-level visualisations to quickly understand your marketing funnel’s health, identify conversion lag, and map out the customer lifecycle. 

This full-funnel overview enables you to promptly detect and address weak points in your marketing strategy, optimising your marketing efforts for maximum results. 

Detailed Omnichannel Performance Dashboards

We provide granular and cross-platform data visualisations of ad, adset, and campaign performance. These insights reveal the strategies driving the most impact for your business through metrics such as ROAS, Impressions, CAC, and CTR. 

These detailed performance visualisations provide a deep understanding of your campaigns’ effectiveness across all channels.

Imagine a data scientist and an experienced marketing consultant rolled up into one. 

Cohort Performance Views: Empowering Decision Making

Bundle offers a unique visualisation of revenue generation throughout the customer lifecycle. It further reveals which campaigns retain customers most effectively. 

This information empowers businesses to double down on successful efforts, optimising their marketing spend and customer retention strategies.

Flexible Accounting Views: Cash and Accrual Accounting

If you’re looking to visualise revenue quickly and seamlessly, we provide two modes of accounting views to help. 

Cash Accounting recognises revenue through the time of purchase, while Accrual Accounting recognises it through each associated marketing touchpoint. These flexible views clearly understand your revenue streams, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

Attribution Model Comparisons: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Bundle visualises how your data accumulates at the campaign, ad set, or ad level, depending on the attribution model used. 

This functionality empowers businesses to choose the most effective attribution model for their needs, ensuring optimal use of your marketing resources.

Universal Attribution: A Revolutionary Approach

Our platform utilises elements from multiple attribution models to offer an unmatched view of the customer journey. 

We term this strategy “universal attribution.” This method enables Bundle to fit the needs of any business’s omnichannel marketing efforts, providing a truly holistic perspective on marketing effectiveness.

Optimise Your Omnichannel Budget

Our universal attribution provides a comprehensive view of the full customer journey across all channels. This functionality enables you to optimise your omnichannel budget, ensuring that every dollar spent is targeted for maximum impact.

Scale Your Creative Tests Effectively

Stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t resonate with your audience. With Bundle, you can forecast the ROI on your marketing campaigns before you even spend a penny. 

This predictive capability empowers businesses to scale their creative tests effectively, optimising the use of their marketing resources. No more unnecessary spending to account for at your year-end. 

What are you waiting for?

Our Marketing Bundle is designed to provide you with the insights needed to optimise your ad spend, maximise ROI, and scale your business operations effectively. We take the guesswork out of ad spend, allowing you to be hyper-focused on the campaigns that you know will resonate best with your market. 


Harness the power of detailed analytics and embark on a journey towards superior business performance today with Bundle. Contact us for more information. 


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