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Elevate Your Agency: Deliver Next-Level Client Insights with AI-Infused Reporting

What headaches do you experience in your marketing agency?


Struggling to Showcase the Full Impact of Your Campaigns to Clients?


Overwhelmed by Managing and Interpreting Diverse Client Data Sets?


Wishing for a Smarter Way to Generate Custom Reports Without the Time Drain?

Find yourself nodding along to any of these questions. You’re in the right place. Now, we get it – as a marketing agency, you’re the maestro of messaging. But when it comes to data, that’s where we excel. Our Bundle for Marketing Agencies isn’t just another AI tool. It’s designed to allow you to focus on delivering stellar campaigns.

We’re about empowering your agency with insightful, AI-driven reports that resonate with your clients. Consider us an extension of your team, here to enhance your data capabilities, leaving you to weave the creative and strategic magic you’re known for. Let’s collaborate and use data to sculpt success stories for you and your clients.

Reclaim Time, Redefine Strategy

Time is the most valuable asset in any agency, and our Bundle is here to give it back to you. By streamlining data analysis and report generation, we free up your team’s hours, so they can focus on what truly matters – attracting new clients and launching innovative services.

Our solution automates the time-intensive tasks of data handling and reporting, ensuring your talent is utilised for creative and strategic endeavours. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about optimising your agency’s potential and growth.

Elevate Campaign Quality, Excel in Client Satisfaction

Better data leads to better campaigns. With our Bundle, your agency gains insights that fuel more effective, results-driven marketing strategies.

Bundle doesn’t just aggregate data; it transforms it into actionable insights, empowering you to craft campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience. This means delivering not just reports but real, tangible improvements in campaign performance and client satisfaction. 

Key Features of our Bundle for Marketing Agencies

Automated Data Integration and Cleansing

Bundle effortlessly integrates data from various client tools and platforms, automatically cleansing and organising it for accuracy and usability. This feature saves agencies hours spent on manual data compilation and cleaning.

Cleanse your data for accurate results

Customisable, White-Labelled Reporting

Create stunning, branded reports with ease. Bundle’s customisable reporting allows agencies to add their own branding and tailor reports to each client’s unique needs, enhancing professionalism and client experience.

White-labelled reports give you the edge with your clients

AI-Driven Analytics and Insights

Utilise advanced AI algorithms to extract meaningful insights from client data. Bundle’s AI capabilities help agencies identify trends, predict campaign outcomes, and provide data-backed recommendations to clients.

Anticipate Market Trends & Customer Needs

Real-Time Data Visualisation

Offer clients up-to-the-minute data visualisations. Bundle’s real-time reporting ensures that agencies and their clients are always informed with the latest data, enabling agile campaign adjustments.

Get real-time insights for your campaigns

Collaborative Dashboard Access

Facilitate collaboration with clients through shared dashboards. Bundle’s interactive dashboards can be accessed by both the agency and the client, fostering transparency and joint decision-making.

Collaborate with ease using our shared dashboard access

Campaign Performance Tracking

Track and analyse the performance of marketing campaigns across various channels. Bundle provides comprehensive performance metrics, enabling agencies to demonstrate campaign success and areas for improvement to their clients.

Engage with Your Data Like Never Before

White-Labelling Bundle: Your Brand, Our Technology

It’s never been more important to stand out from your competitors. This is where white-labelling Bundle for your clients becomes a game-changer. 

By presenting our advanced reporting and analytics platform under your agency’s branding, you reinforce your brand’s value and expertise. It’s a powerful way to showcase your commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions while maintaining the identity and trust you’ve built with your clients.

White-labelling Bundle offers a dual advantage. Elevating your agency’s profile, positioning you as a service provider and a tech-forward solutions architect. Your clients interact with a sophisticated data analysis and reporting tool that carries your brand’s look and feel, enhancing their perception of your agency’s capabilities and professionalism.

Become a Client Focused Leader in your Industry

White-labelling your Bundle experience also streamlines client communication. Instead of introducing third-party tools, which can lead to confusion or a diluted brand experience, clients see a consistent and cohesive brand narrative. This unified approach strengthens client trust and loyalty and simplifies their experience as they interact with a familiar brand interface.

By integrating Bundle into your service offering as a white-labelled solution, you’re not just delivering exceptional data insights but reinforcing your agency’s reputation as an innovative, client-focused leader in the marketing industry.

Let's Talk Challenges (and Solutions!)

We get it – as a Marketing Agency, you face a unique set of challenges when it comes to data. Let’s delve into those pain points and how Bundle is designed to address them:

Challenge #1

Data Overload Drama

Agencies often drown in a sea of data from multiple clients all delivered in different formats, making it difficult to sift through and extract meaningful insights.

Our solution!

Clarity in the Chaos

Bundle turns overwhelming data into clear, actionable insights. It simplifies data analysis, allowing you to focus on crafting strategies that resonate with clients.

Challenge #2

Report Rigmarole

Creating detailed, client-ready reports can be time-consuming and tedious, often consuming resources that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Our solution!

Sleek, Speedy Summaries

Bundle automates and accelerates the report creation process, producing professional, engaging reports quickly, freeing up your team to focus on core agency activities.

Challenge #3

Branding Bafflement

Maintaining a consistent brand image while using third-party tools for client reporting can dilute your agency’s branding. You also risk those clients signing up to those tools directly, cutting you out of the process.

Our solution!

Your Brand, Front and Centre

With Bundle’s white-labelling options, every report and analysis reflects your agency’s brand, reinforcing your identity and professionalism in every client interaction.

Challenge #4

Integration Irritation

Merging client data from various platforms into a cohesive analysis can be a complex and frustrating task, especially when most of the platforms don’t play nice with each other. 

Our solution!

Seamless Synthesis

Bundle effortlessly integrates with over 8,000 marketing tools, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive data-gathering process while making integration hassle-free.

Challenge #5

Insight Illusion

Extracting meaningful insights from vast client data is often akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

Our solution!

Insightful Intelligence

Leverage Bundle’s AI-driven analytics to uncover deep insights, turning data into actionable intelligence that drives successful client campaigns.

Challenge #6

Collaboration Crunch

Collaborating on reports and strategies with clients can be disjointed and inefficient, especially when working remotely with everyone preferring different platforms.

Our solution!

Collaborative Creativity

Bundle’s shared dashboards and interactive reporting foster effective collaboration with clients, ensuring that both agency and client are on the same page every step of the way.

Like what you see? Here’s how we would implement your bespoke Bundle.

1. Initial Contact and Consultation

The journey begins with your initial contact, where you’ll connect with our team of experts. During this initial consultation, we discuss your challenges, goals, and current toolset. This conversation helps us understand your unique needs and how Bundle can be tailored to meet them.

Key Activities:

  • Schedule a consultation call or meeting.
  • Discuss your business objectives, current processes, and tools.
  • Identify critical areas where Bundle can provide the most value.

2. Customised Solution Design

Based on the insights from our initial discussions, our team designs a customised Bundle solution. This phase involves selecting the right mix of features and integrations that align with your strategies. We ensure the proposed solution fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, enhancing rather than disrupting your current processes.

Key Activities:

  • Design a tailored Bundle solution.
  • Select appropriate integrations with your existing tools.
  • Present a detailed implementation plan for approval.

3. Implementation and Integration

Once you approve the solution, our technical team starts the implementation process. This includes setting up the necessary integrations, configuring the system according to your specifications, and ensuring all data sources are correctly connected. Throughout this phase, we focus on a smooth and efficient integration with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Key Activities:

  • Execute the setup and configuration of your bespoke Bundle.
  • Integrate Bundle with your existing tools and data sources.
  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure everything works seamlessly.

4. Training, Go-Live and Ongoing Support

As we prepare for go-live, we provide comprehensive training for your team to ensure they are comfortable with your Bundle. After training, your Bundle goes live. Our ongoing support and assistance continue post-launch, ensuring you get the most out of your investment and helping you adapt as your business evolves.

Key Activities:

  • Provide training sessions for your team.
  • Officially launch your customised Bundle.
  • Offer continuous support and regular check-ins to ensure optimal performance.

Effortless Integration, Seamless Implementation

With the ability to connect seamlessly with over 8,000 sales and marketing tools, Bundle ensures that integration is as smooth as it is efficient. Whether your agency or clients use popular CRMs, email marketing platforms, social media analytics tools, or any other specialised software, Bundle fits right in.

Bundle’s designed to complement and enhance your existing toolset, not complicate it. This means no overhaul of your current systems, no disruptive learning curve for your team – just a straightforward, plug-and-play integration that works harmoniously with the tools you already trust and rely on.

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