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Optimise Forecasting with AI-Driven Insights

Finance Bundle

What are your biggest finance-driven headaches? 


“Frustrated with Managing Disparate Financial Data Across Multiple Systems?”


“Struggling to Deliver Timely Financial Reports and Forecasts?”


“Need a More Efficient Way to Identify and Mitigate Financial Risks?”

If any of these questions struck a chord with your experience, you’re exactly where you need to be. With our innovative platform, you can transform these challenges into streamlined processes and insightful strategies. Let our Finance Bundle show you how to revolutionise your finance operations and empower your decision-making with cutting-edge, data-driven solutions.

Master your Financial Ecosystem with Bundle

Our Finance Bundle isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for finance professionals. Imagine a world where financial data from multiple sources is integrated seamlessly and analysed with precision, offering real-time insights and forecasts at your fingertips.

This is where complex financial reporting becomes effortless, and data-driven decision-making becomes the norm. 

Empower Your Strategy with Data-Driven Decisions

With our Finance Bundle, you’re not just working with numbers but mastering them. Our platform brings a new edge to financial analysis, offering deep insights into your company’s financial health, risk factors, and growth opportunities. We transform data into actionable intelligence, enabling you to make strategic decisions confidently. 

Embrace the future of finance with Bundle – where every number tells a story, and every decision drives growth.

Key Features of our Finance Bundle

Centralised Data Collection

Consolidate all your financial data in one place, allowing for easy access, analysis, and decision-making based on accurate, up-to-date information.

All your financial data in one place!

Liveboard Visualisation

Transform your data into an interactive liveboard, providing real-time insights and a clear, visual representation of your financial performance. Make data-driven decisions to optimise your financial operations and drive success.

Stunning visualisations of your data

Streamlined Reporting

Automate and simplify your reporting processes with our Finance Bundle. Generate custom reports quickly and accurately, saving you time and effort.

Custom reports designed exclusively for you and your business!

Spend Tracking

Monitor and analyse your business’s spend across departments and projects. Identify areas for improvement and optimise your financial management with ease.

Easily monitor your spend across every department 

Budget Planning

Our platform simplifies budget planning and forecasting by providing AI-driven insights and recommendations. Make informed decisions and ensure your business stays on track financially.

AI-Driven budget planning

AI-Driven Forecasting

Leverage the power of AI to generate accurate, data-driven financial forecasts. Stay ahead of the curve and make proactive decisions to benefit your business in the long run.

Data driven financial forecasting

All of your Financial Data Together in One Location.

At Bundle, we understand the frustration around compiling data from a range of different dashboards and datasets. That’s why we’ve taken them all and configured them onto one interactive liveboard.

See every area of your organisation’s financial performance, enabling you to make fast and informed decisions that’ll speed up processes and improve your bottom line.

The best part? You don’t need to change from the tools you know and love. Bundle connects seamlessly with them all to provide a solution minus the disruption. 

Supercharge your Favourite Financial Tools and Services

Picture your trusted platforms like TM1, Oracle Financials, SAP, and QuickBooks, now turbocharged with Bundle’s advanced analytics and data integration capabilities.

Bundle extracts and synthesises data from each source, offering a comprehensive, real-time view of your financial landscape. With TM1, Bundle enhances its already powerful planning and forecasting abilities, adding layers of predictive analytics and deeper insight generation. This integration elevates your financial analysis, budgeting processes, and strategic decision-making to a new level of precision and foresight.

Let's Talk Challenges (and Solutions!)

We get it – as a Finance team, you face a unique set of challenges regarding data. Let’s delve into those pain points and how Bundle is designed to address them:

Challenge #1

Inefficient Financial Reporting 

Financial reporting is bogged down by manual data processes and multiple disconnected systems. This leads to time-consuming report generation, the potential for errors, and outdated information, hindering timely and accurate financial decision-making.

Our solution!

A Truly Integrated System

Bundle transforms financial reporting by integrating systems like TM1 and SAP, automating data aggregation and ensuring real-time, error-free reports. This unified approach speeds up reporting, provides up-to-date financial insights, and supports more informed business decisions, turning financial reporting from a challenge into a strategic advantage.

Challenge #2

Inaccurate Budget Planning & Forecasting

Inaccurate budget planning and forecasting can stem from a lack of cohesive data analysis, reliance on outdated information, and the inability to interpret market trends effectively. Ultimately leading to misaligned budgets and missed opportunities.

Our solution!

Enhanced Budget Planning

Bundle enhances budget planning and forecasting accuracy by integrating advanced analytics with your existing financial tools. It offers real-time data insights and predictive analytics capabilities, allowing for more accurate, data-driven forecasts. This helps align budgets with current market trends and projections, ensuring more strategic and effective financial planning.

Challenge #3

Difficulty Tracking Spend Across Departments

Tracking and managing departmental spending becomes a challenge due to siloed financial data and the need for a centralised tracking system. This results in a lack of visibility into overall spending, making it difficult to identify inefficiencies, ensure budget compliance, and optimise resource allocation.

Our solution!

A Unified Platform

Bundle provides a unified platform for tracking and analysing spend across all departments. It integrates with existing financial tools to consolidate data, providing clear visibility and real-time insights into departmental expenditures. This enables you to identify and address spending inefficiencies, ensure budget adherence, and make informed decisions for optimal resource distribution.

Challenge #4

Time Consuming Manual Tasks and Data Entry

One of the most significant challenges in finance departments is the excessive time spent on manual tasks and data entry. This consumes valuable resources and increases the risk of human errors, leading to potential inaccuracies in financial records.

Our solution!

Streamlining your Financial Operations

Bundle streamlines financial operations by automating manual tasks and data entry. By integrating with your existing financial systems, Bundle reduces manual workload, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities. This automation enhances accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that financial records are up-to-date, consistent, and reliable.

Challenge #5

Fragmented Financial Data & Lack of Visibility

Do you struggle with fragmented financial data from multiple, uncoordinated financial systems? This fragmentation leads to a lack of comprehensive visibility, making it challenging to get a complete picture of financial health and hindering effective decision-making.

Our solution!

Become Customer Driven

Bundle’s centralised platform integrates with various financial systems, consolidating all financial data into a coherent view. This provides comprehensive visibility across all financial aspects, enabling you to understand your financial status better and make informed decisions based on a complete financial picture.

Challenge #6

Identifying Financial Risks and Opportunities

A common issue for finance teams is the need to proactively identify and respond to financial risks and opportunities. This often results from relying on outdated data and needing more predictive analytical tools, leading to reactive rather than proactive financial management.

Our solution!

Empowering your Teams

Bundle empowers finance teams to be proactive with our advanced predictive analytics and real-time data capabilities. It analyses historical and current financial data to identify potential risks and untapped opportunities, enabling finance teams to anticipate and strategise effectively for future scenarios. This forward-thinking approach transforms how businesses manage financial risks and capitalise on opportunities.

Like what you see? Here’s how we would implement your bespoke Finance Bundle.

1. Initial Contact and Consultation

The journey begins with your initial contact, where you’ll connect with our team of experts. During this initial consultation, we discuss your challenges, goals, and current toolset. This conversation helps us understand your unique needs and how Bundle can be tailored to meet them.

Key Activities:

  • Schedule a consultation call or meeting.
  • Discuss your business objectives, current financial processes, and tools.
  • Identify critical areas where Bundle can provide the most value.

2. Customised Solution Design

Based on the insights from our initial discussions, our team designs a customised Bundle solution that meets your needs. This phase involves selecting the right mix of features and integrations that align with your finance strategies. We’ll ensure the proposed solution fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, enhancing rather than disrupting your current processes.

Key Activities:

  • Design a tailored Finance Bundle solution.
  • Select appropriate integrations with your existing tools.
  • Present a detailed implementation plan for approval.

3. Implementation and Integration

Once you approve the solution, our technical team starts the implementation process. This includes setting up the necessary integrations, configuring the system according to your specifications, and ensuring all data sources are correctly connected. Throughout this phase, we focus on a smooth and efficient integration with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Key Activities:

  • Execute the setup and configuration of your Finance Bundle.
  • Integrate Bundle with your existing tools and data sources.
  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure everything works seamlessly.

4. Training, Go-Live and Ongoing Support

As we prepare for go-live, we provide comprehensive training for your team to ensure they are comfortable with your Bundle. After training, your Finance Bundle goes live. Our ongoing support and assistance continue post-launch, ensuring you get the most out of your investment and helping you adapt as your business evolves.

Key Activities:

  • Provide training sessions for your team.
  • Officially launch your customised Finance Bundle.
  • Offer continuous support and regular check-ins to ensure optimal performance.
Different Bundle blocks features some of the tools that directly integrate with Bundle

The AI Advantage with Bundle

AI is revolutionising Finance, and you’re at the forefront with Bundle. Our AI-driven platform automates tedious tasks, provides deeper insights, predicts financial peaks and troughs, and supercharges your decision-making. 

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